Be sure to use our Contact form to create a service ticket if you need help.

We also have a knowledgebase that will continue to grow. It contains a "howto" section for our clients and some technical information that we gather as we discover new methods and ideas.

Below is some basic info for setting up and using our hosted web and email accounts.

Exchange Hosting Info (PDF)


cPanel Hosting

cPanel Account Management: or

FTP: or simply

Mail Servers (POP, IMAP, SMTP): or

Webmail: or

DNS Servers: - Primary - Secondary

Q - How can I make changes to my hosting account or add email addresses?
A - Simply click the link to the right for the Control Panel or type something similar to the following in your browser. Be sure to change the domain name to match your own:

Q - What is my username to login to the control panel?
A - The typical username will consist of the first 8 characters of your domain name. For example, would be 'yourwebs'.

Q - What is my password? Or maybe I have forgotten it.
A - You can have your password reset and emailed to you by visiting the control panel page and following the instructions at the bottom.